Following a comprehensive exploration period, commercial extraction of seabed minerals is set to begin soon.

Capital-intensive investments like these act to catalyse infrastructural development, whilst offering an unparalleled opportunity for economic diversification and a widening of the tax base. In addition, they generate skilled training and employment opportunities, create demand for local goods and services, precipitate further investment, and offer scope for building up national sovereign wealth funds.

The deep sea mining industry is a prime example of where government, industry, environmental groups and the scientific community are collaborating to forge and implement partnerships, projects and new development, which have the capacity to deliver prosperity to host territories in a responsible fashion. It’s potential to act as a pivotal driver of GDP growth for island states and territories cannot be overestimated.

Corporate Ocean Responsibility

Corporate Ocean Responsibility


By Paul Holthus, CEO, World Ocean Council.
Seabed mining industry leadership collaborates with other ocean industries for sustainable development.
Environmental issues are an important concern for the emerging seabed mining

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