Global Island News promotes scalable solutions and sustainable development across the world’s island states and territories.

It draws the spotlight on to the most informed, purposeful, innovative and dignified island partnerships and new technologies across a range of pertinent sectors, including energy, fisheries, tourism, deep sea mining and financial services. In so doing, it shows how these are creating the right conditions for investment to flow and adverse states of affairs in respect of people, planet and profits to be remedied both quickly and effectively.

The world’s islands are the canaries in the Earth’s coal mine, alerting their mainland neighbours to the coming danger, as well as acting as the front line for solutions which deliver across the three social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development.

Global Island News eschews doom and gloom rhetoric for a passionate and positive solution-led narrative, manifested in the form of probing interviews with and enlightening contributions from inspirational captains of industry, leading UN and political figures and other illustrious commentators, all of whom share impeccable and quantifiable pedigree in terms of furthering island prospects.  In the process it formulates a roadmap to a future marked by collaboration and sustainability.



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